Sunday, November 12, 2017

How to Born "Google Android?"

Hi my friends. this is my first tut. today i'm going to introduce what is the Google Android?

In the future no one nothing a mobile phone. More people usually using Android Mobile phones. Android is not only mobile phone, there are lot of electronics using this Android System. Therefore Android name is Famouse in the World Wide. But Android is not a google company in the foundation.

Before the fourteen years Andy rubin, Rich miner, kris & Nick Siyers start a company with the name of Android.

They try to make a user friendly Software. Therefore they built Android Incorparation company in 2003. But in the start they lose without users. After the heard google about this, they buy this company with Employers.

After the buy google gave a task for this team. it is the "Make a Operating System for mobiles". Since that day google Andoid were born. After the two years(in 2007) they complete this task.

Android versions

finally 78.9% smart phones in the world wide using Android Operating System.


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