Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Get a free International Sim Card...

Here I brought something for free. For free, so it's not necessary. This sim simulates whether you go to any country but has Signal. You can get it free. Do the following without much talk.

Let's get this first out of here.

Now there is a Form that looks like above.

First off, select the Sim type you want.

Then you need the Network. Choose one of them there.

If you need to fill in the balance, you will know. Give your real points here. Give the address and give you a letter of address.

Where are the cities there are the City and the PostCode related. The Code comes in when search for your City on Google.

Then pick your country and Phone Number.

In the CAPTCHA code, type the code above.

Then Click on the "Prepaymania's terms and conditions" option to click Send Me My Free Sim.

Now it's working. For a week, Sim comes to the house. These things always come to our blog every day. Comment on something awkward.


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