Monday, January 1, 2018

Add Sinhala to your Android phone without rooting.

It's a problem for many to put Sinhala into the phone. In many places, it's given you how to root and uninstall the phone, but there is no way anyone can do it. Rooting does not make the warranty on the phone, so many can not do it; rooting someone else is a bit difficult.

So, today I'm going to go today without your warranty, without risking your phone.

But another one is working on Samsung galaxy phone. I do not know about other things, but they can try and share it with others by Comments.

The post was a bit harder to handle. The post was a bit long ago. There's only two methods.

01. Add sinhala without rooting.

02. Type sinhala without rooting.

01. Let's see how to put Sinhala into phone without rooting.

Step 1 - First of all, Fontomizer SP App is required.
To get the below link, go to the Google Play app and install it to the phone.

This app works for these.

Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Ace, Y, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Series + Motorola Razer M

Step 2 - Now the app opens in the following way.

Now put a small touch on the bottom of it and come in the following way.

Now, just touch it somewhere.

Then you go to a website. Go to a web site or select a web browser.

The website will come in this way.

Step 03 - It is under a W character under a font called WIKI_ANDROID. Choose it. (See the picture above)

And then it will be downloaded, and when it's downloaded, install it.

Now is the last step.

Step 04 - Now go to the Home screen.

Menu > Settings > Display > Font Style

The wiki android font will come in the list as follows. Then select the WIKI_ANDROID FONT.

Now go to a Sinhala website.

I think this is the way to get rid of it.

You can follow these steps and easily find your Galaxy Android phone.

In this case, if there is a little or no room to understand, I will definitely help you with a comment.

02. Type sinhala without rooting.

For this we need the Helakuru Sinhala Keyboard + IME App. Go to Google Play from the link below and install it in your phone.

Go to Menu > Settings > Language and input and go to Helakuru too. As shown below.

Now when you want to type Sinhala, tap on the type of area you type (touch)

If you want to type in the jelly bean you do not want to tap when you type, you'll see a notification bar icon and select it) and then select the input method in the following way.

Give input method Helakuru. Then comes a Sinhala keyboard type key. You can type the Sinhala.

If there is a difficult place to understand, ask the comment just as it was earlier. I will definitely help.

So this post is over. It's worth it if you dropped down from your comment.


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