Thursday, January 18, 2018

Different in the female brain and male brain

Multi-tasking capability

Women have the ability to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously. But men can only turn to one thing at a time. If you explain this further, you can watch a television and watch a TV while cooking, but you must stop watching TV for the task, and pay attention to the phone call. When doing so, it is normal for him to miss certain tasks.

Language translation

Women can easily learn to use several languages. But the language of men is far weaker. Generally, a 3-year-old girl has developed more than three years of age boy.


Females are more vulnerable to a problem. There is a relatively high logic potential for solving a male problem. In most cases, women are more likely to solve problems and make it more complicated. When solving problems, the men are more likely to be more successful than women.

Ability to analyze

When analyzing a woman, it is weaker. Men have more space in the brain for interventions. Man has the ability to easily understand a map or plan. However, lesbians see it as an intricate picture. They will not allow the brain to accommodate it.

Lying and cheating

In female lying, in the brain, 70% of the separation activity is handled by the brain, 20% is handled by the body, and 10% in the lungs of the lips. However, the brain does not have any more support in the process of lying with men. Therefore, it is impossible to lie to men. By making good care, men's lies can be easily seized. Women have the inherent abilities of lying, even without facing the face. Because the probability of succumbing to malicious malice is overwhelming, it must be done very carefully.

Facing problems

When there are many problems for women, her brain can not be identified as a problem. Brain causes a diversion. When there are many maladies, his brain easily classifies those problems, allocates it to the classes in the brain, and finds solutions for each other one by one.

But the women want to tell them something else. After that, she does not care about whether the problem is resolved when she goes to bed. She finds relief by removing problems and not getting problems. But when a man experiences problems, she can see looking over problems and looking for problems.


Relationships, friendships, family, comfort, as a woman's needs can be a concern for women. The needs of men can be described as status, success, solutions, and plans. Sexuality can be identified by both parties in a common need.

Not Satisfied

Women place first on relationships. Relationships are disastrous when there is a breakdown. Boys are the first to point out the motive for work, but the work is unsatisfactory. When relationships are in a state of dissatisfaction, women can not concentrate on work, and men find themselves unable to focus on relationships when their work is not satisfactory.

The speech cell

Women do not speak directly. Often, the person listening to what he intends is telling himself what he wants to understand. The men speak straight away. Most often, they simply declare what they mean. There are still women in what is said. She is saying something else to say. If a man says something, he means only what he said.

Emotional control

When the women are impatient, they pronounce wordless words. When the male is impulsive, he / she behaves independently. An impulsive woman expresses her not even expecting, and an impotent man goes into unforeseen actions.


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