Friday, January 12, 2018

How to Clone a Android App | install two versions of same App

Often, the old app can not function in the new app version. This is often the first time a program has been released on the Free App.

In most games, what's on the old App can be lost in the new app.

Another example is the fact that many people use "Miyasi Lyrics-Sinhala" to use the offline, but everything changed online with the latest update. It's a disadvantage because it's hard to do this in places like Signal.

So, if you keep both the old app and the new app in your phone, you can do it all the time.

How are you doing this?

This can be done using a small app.

The app's name is "Lucky patcher"

6 MB This app can be downloaded from the app store as "Lucky patcher" or download the link below.

Install and go to the app where you need to patch. (You need to install the old version of the app in your phone)

Go to the app and go to Tools. (Sometimes "Nothing to patch here" will fall, do not worry about it)

Now select "Clone application".

A message like this will be there. Give "Clone" here.

Something like this falls apart for a while. This will install you the app.


Now you install the previously installed application as a clone to the phone. Then the App loses nothing with the app store.

So you can go to the app store and download the new version of the app you need. The new application will have no impact on the cloned app.


When you install the app with the clone app, install the app on the Play Store this way. No matter how much updated, we will never update clone app 1.

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