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Suicide Squad (2016) | Full Movie free Download

From the launch of the DC Commodity Movie which will start from 2016, the film will be screened later in the BvS film Suicide Squad. If you're a Dissi fan, you probably have to worry about fingers for this. As usual, this film is also a little plywood on the BvS film. Because this means that after the death of the Superman in the BvS film, [yes, yes, no, that's not what happened]. So, this movie can be considered as the main character in the film, Joker, Harley Queen, Daughtry. All I told these three guys is that they are very special. But in the future, let's talk about other characters.

For us, this movie was popular in Ceylon for the group that was banned. The first thing they said were the reasons, but later they found out that the suicide, or the suicide, had become so bad that it was like a suicide. I still do not know what the real reason is. After BvS was created, the film was about to be discussed. This was a good thing for some. But those rotten tomatoes underestimated this item. Instead of checking out, the tomatoes were only compensated. At any rate, I think this should be a most of justice.

Actors who play the role

If you talk about the actors, everyone remembers like "Joker." It's like dropping out the best joker for the DJs with the death of Leigh's death. But after him, we will meet a super unparalleled joker who will see for the moment. That's the Jared Leto. BvS, Bruce Sean hit Jared, the mud who hit Ben Affleck. Because some people thought he did not work for Joker. Seeing this too, it's possible that it's a very foolish story. Mistake character is "Harley Queen" wormhole and so is the one who is in it. Margot Robbie contributed to the role of Jane in The Legend of Tarzan. When comparing with the character of Jain, it shows a perfect performance without any short comings. If it's a floating character, Floyd, or Dead Kids Will Smith, no one is alive. Know that knowing Will not need to teach Will Smith again. In addition to this, "Angel Volar" in "Agenda" is V ajola Davies, "El Diablo", "Enchantris" by Cara Dillin, Jol Kinam in "Rick Flug", Jay Cootney as "Rick Flug", Adele as "Killer Crook" , Or Barry Allen, Ezra Miller, and finally our regular Bruce Bean [Ben Affleck] Under development.

According to the Suicide Squad Comic Illustration, a history analysis and Task Force X project

Before launching a film into the film, a DC comic book named Suicide Squad was originally published in May of 1987. Task Force X and Squad, or the "group". This team is created from the group of criminals. These spontaneous projects have been carried out by a clandestine organization based in the US government project "Project Cadmus". These criminals were Colonel Rick Flug, a prospective officer in the military bureau. As a member,

Col. Rick Flug - Team Leader and serves as the Special Training Force.
George Hucknuts / Captain Boomerang - A renown criminal.
Beet Disco / Plastic - has super powers to destroy things.
Temples Fugitive / Clock King - a master planner and expert in defense systems.
Floyd Luton / Daughtat is a professional killer as well as a clever smacker.

A description of the story

In BvS, after the death of Superman, many US security personnel and the staff are in great trouble. This is because everyone said that Superman was seen as a disaster. Due to this, thousands of people have died. The city was destroyed. But finally, after fighting Doom and destroying him, he gurged a false headgear. There were terrifying things before a lot of people. That is, if the next Superman is more dangerous than the previous one. The other one can not protect the entire country. Superman is serving the country. While this is happening, the project task force x is rejected by the European Agency for Reconstruction and Development. This is where the group in the group is brought in. If it's included, the Deathshot, Harley Queen, Captain Boomerang, Chattanooga, Cruiser Crook, Enchantris and Colonel Rick Flug will be named. On the 18th of March 2018, the film that will be screened for the scheduled date of March 18, I did not go to tell about the characters in this movie, because when I look at this, they were introduced as they are in the same way in the story. One of the most important ones here is Enchantress. Because he's also one of Ethan's followers. In short, a witch. It's really hard to control. It's impossible to control the one inside the Dr. Morgan Moon, and after that, Enchantress releases his brother at a certain place, and then begins the right start of this story. It is from that task force x project. I'm not going to tell you anything else about this story. If so, the story will be similar. Do not forget to take a look at the latest Credit Line.

A little bit later

The Suicide Squad, which began on the 5th of 2016, has now reached the 6.7 / 10 IMDb index. The writter, and directed by David Ayer. As an hour of running, an hour and a half 50 minutes are recorded. Talk about Action | Adventure | Fantasy | It belongs to Sci-Fi. The movie, which made up 175,000,000 Dollars, was the first to receive the box office records for $ 30,085,912. With this success, the Suicide Squad has begun to shoot from next year.

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