Thursday, January 11, 2018

What is Android? - Full Tutorial

The mobile phone has become so indispensable today that it is very important because it has a great tool for coordinating its work in a very competitive way of life. At the start of the first button, you were given a phone number and a mobile phone that only came to a call to use the text message and the Internet with various technical techniques.

Android was launched in November 2007, not just a few steps but a number of miles from Android. (Smart Phone) to go ahead. Android phone, Android Tab, and many of us have a problem with Android, which is really an Android operating system that controls all the activities.

(Operating System) Android is a pioneer operating system for XP, Linux, Ubuntu, which you have almost heard of as we all have heard, a pc's operating system. What's more, the operating system is capable of being developed on the Internet. Go to the "Android Market" on the Internet and learn about this and distribute it.

This is also known as open source software. In other words, if you want to add some facility to your mobile phone, download the software on the Internet and download it. The Internet has evolved continuously over six generations over a short period of five years. In 2007, we started to evolve from the Android version of the Cupcake and now have a large Oreo Update 8.0.

Every Android phone has been upgraded for two years and the security patch has been upgraded for a 3 years. But some companies may have to wait for the update to come back.


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