Monday, September 3, 2018

Top 10 World’s Richest Female Prostitutes with Pictures

They are the most expensive prostitutes in the world. They maintain sexual contact with the most popular and richest individuals in the world, and these relationships are kept secret and provided with special protection.

1) JATLEY (Price - $ 40, 000 Per Night Rate)

Image result for JAITLEY bitch

She is the most expensive prostitute in the world.

She is in the South France for a night for $ 40,000.

2) Lauren (price - $ 24, 000 per night rate)


Lauren is named second-highest female prostitute in the world.

3) Natalie McLennan (price - $ 16, 000 Per Night Rate)


Her virgin name has become very famous for being a hooker. She is beautiful and has become one of the best in the world.

4) Alina Percea (price- $ 8, 800 per night rate)

Image result for Alina Percea

Maya was 18 years old at Romania. She is 4th most expensive female prostitutes in the world.

5) Ava Xi'an (price- $ 6, 500 per night rate)


6) Ms. Maya Blue (Price - $ 4, 500 Per Night Rate)

Image result for Ms. Maya Blue

She has set a higher standard for her profession through posting her photos on her site. She is ranked 6th among those who charge the world's highest bidder. China and New Orleans live in their colonies.

7) Ashley Dupre (Kristen) (Price - $ 4, 300 Per Night Rate)


"Elliot Spitzcer" has an affair with this woman and Kristen has paid only $ 15,000 in these months. She charges $ 4, 300 for one night.

8) Just Kassandra (Price- $ 3, 000 Per Night Rate)


Now Kassandra she likes who gets her all her clients. She wants to meet individually, but she meets everyone. I'm rich in a rush.

9) Loredana Jolie (price - $ 2, 000 Per Night Rate)


10) Zahia Dehar (Price- $ 1, 200 Per Night Rate)


Barbie doll is a beautiful doll that she only spent $ 32, 000 for her month for her image.

For one night her cost is $ 1,200.


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