Wednesday, July 31, 2019

SQL Login bypass full tutorial 2019-2020 [Cheat Sheet + Video]

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Today we going to do something new. We try to bypass "Admin Panel" and "Login Panel".

Let's start to doing this. First we should find admin panel of the website. How to do that? If someone don't know i'll explain how to that.

First we make a simple "Google Dork" for find admin panel. You need some target site for do that. I will take my website for doing this.

Ok, lets make a google dork for find "Admin Panel". inurl:admin.php

This is my website admin panel find dork. But if this dork don't working for my website. So i also use some linux tools for find website administrator login.

You can find its from Git Hub.

Git Hub Official website -

My community admin panel is'

its look like this login box.

Admin Login

Now we have SQL login bypass cheat sheet. I also put my cheat sheet on here.

Now you can guess admin username and password or bypass this.

If you try to bypass always try to username is "admin" and password from our cheat sheet.

Ex -
Username : Admin
Password: ' or '1'='1

If you have any problem about this tutorial watch my youtube channel video or comment here.

Thank for reading this and your comment is valuable for us.


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