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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How to Create a Blog by Blogger?

Many people now have a blog. But still there are bloggers who want to build blogs, no blogs. As a help to all of them, I was thinking of starting a blog from the beginning. I'm teaching you what's harder to learn. Because I also want to get Blogging to a good place. Google is the Free Blog service that has always been with us. We're going to do this in Blogger.

You've got the right details. Let's see how a blog is being built from the beginning.

This requires a Google Account. If you do not have an account, here you go and create one.

Now that's right, go to this link and sign in to Blogger.

Log in to your email account and password first.

If you have not previously created a blog, this page will be empty. If you have made a blog before, it will be like this.

Now click on "New Blog" on the left. Now open this window like this one.

Put the title in the title to the blog. Address where your address is given to your blog. If you use a previous one, you have to make another one. Then select a Template you like. Give it nice one. This is going to change us.

Now give "Create Blog". It takes a while to create a Blog. (According to our net-speed)

The blog that you have just made is the following.

This is my fix. Now click on that Title. At the moment, "Flash lie".

Click here to post a Post.

Now publish a new post and publish it. Let me explain the other post.

Something is a problem, put a comment.

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