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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stephen Hawking - Golden Character in the 21st Century

He is called a man who overcame the challenge to life as the greatest scientist of the century. After being traumatized by a neurological disorder 50 years ago, doctors said that he did not live for 18 months. But when he passed the 70, He did not do any work done for science in any other world.

In 1974 he could not get food alone and go to bed. In 1984, He was unable to speak properly. In 1985, He lost his entire speech. But he was not discouraged. From then on, he expressed his thoughts by using a computer that could turn the talk into a voice.

Over the years Professor Hackens has been surprised by the many views he has made on a specially designed wheelchair designed for him.

Professor Stephen Hawkins, who is regarded as a great scientist on the universe, is firmly convinced that man's colonization on Mars is inevitable in the future. But he says 100 years will pass. Professor Hacken, one of the survivors of the day, thinks that an event likely to destroy the planet in a thousand years can be a 'nuclear war,' or 'global warming.' It is important for humans to find a different world to survive.

Professor Hawking is of the opinion that the planet Mars is the best planet to be chosen as an alternative to the planet in our solar system. He says that it is already planned to send people to Mars, but it will not happen to more than a decade. One such trip to the Martian is 450 days.

Professor Hokis said that man would someday set up colonies of Mars. This is a video of Disney's journey to Mars.

Professor Hacking says to the question, "Can it was that man survives the earth?". "Yes, but not surely," he says. "In my belief, the first man, beyond the advent of science and technology, goes beyond the solar system, will be far from the universe," he adds.

If it is possible to find out that there are intelligent creatures in the universe of Hokkins who answered the BBC's questions before the 70th birthday, it is the biggest discovery of science.

"Aliens can stay alive! But the man kind should be careful to avoid complacency with them. If not, the consequences may be fatal. "Recently, one of the earliest scientists in the world has warned us of this warning : He is none other than British astronomer Stephen Hawking. "If alien life comes to Earth, it will be like America's Columbus discovered. We all know exactly how the Europeans found the United States after the Indians found what was the natural indigenous Indians in the country." Professor Chuck, who is known as astronauts, first said this in a series of television series entitled "Into the univers with Stephen Hawkyn" Presenting.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

VINT CERF - Father of Internet

We all, every time use the Internet. But how did this Internet come about, and who would do this for yourself? Pioneer people will not know you about them. It is not too late to use information. Knowledge is better. Father Of Internet is Vint Cerf. He was born on June 23, 1943. He has a background in computer science and holds citizenship in the United States. Apart from that, he is currently serving as a chief engineer for Google search boards.

In 1965, he graduated from the Stanford University, USA. He obtained a computer science degree from the University of Los Angeles. After that, he was an IBM engineer. Vint Cerf worked with the ARPANET network in 1968. Problems arise in the exchange of information between computers on the computer's network of computers, as there was no technical protocol.

At the time, with the support of Bob Khan, a researcher at the kitchen network, Winnie Surf created a protocol like this. In 1973 on saturday, they presented their protocols "A Protocol For Packet Network Intercommunication" in a research paper.

The protocol, known as the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), was an exchange of data packets or datagram.

The Datagram behaves like a mailbox in a envelope. When it comes to mail, it can not be opened to anyone. When a letter breaks down, a file that is sent to Datagram is opened on the computer where I request. This means that the data file, or Datagram computer network, is not open during a transfer, so it can be fast forwarded to the network where needed.

With the adoption of this protocol with the introduction of the SBC headquarters by Bob Khan, a network of computers could be connected to another network. Today, this computer network is called the Internet.

Vint Cerf worked hard to improve this protocol. In 1978, Virginity Surf divided the TCP port into two parts. Developed one part of the protocol that could be used with routers that directs the information to the desired destination. The new IP-Internet Protocol was created.

Now with the new protocol, the new protocol came together with another new protocol. According to this protocol, TCP / IP is running today. Vint is known as the father of the Internet because of this excellent process. With his help, we will use it today. Or the Internet could have been a mess.

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