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Friday, May 11, 2018

How to find WIFI password using mobile phone - No Root

Before the doing this Watch this video

Don't Forget to click this button after the watch


About wifi hacking

How many people show Android on Android How to hide WiFi from Android? It's possible that you can do it like Linz.
That's true. It's not easy to hide WiFi from Android by making wifi. I can imagine how many can be hacked like 30%. I have some facts to know about dating. I'll put them down.

# If you hack in these apps, you should wait 20 meters from the hack to be hacked.

# Some WiFi Paused Stands. That means a good Passover is difficult to break. Then you have to try again a couple of times.

# I can not hack every nation in wifi. Only WPS and WPA can be hacked. There's one WiFi WiFi.

#I will not take responsibility for these.

Ok, let's get the app now.

#Wps wpa tester

This is a super app to hack wifi. You can hide a lot of WIFI from this app. Also, if you want to hack cell phone from the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) model, you need root. Android Lollipop, mashmelos are not supposed to be root.

Now download and install. Now, WiFi is scanning. You can hack them by clicking on it and then clicking Auto-Math. Hack is called WiFi Connection.

Now download and search Wi-fi from that app. You can hack underneath the WiFi. After clicking it, there are two automatic auto pin systems. Then click your autoimatic pin. Now that's possible.

#Root users ask you to install Root Perm Allow and Deny to allow the app to run out before it can be completed or the app will not work.

# For your own blame, leave a comment and post to check.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What is Phishing? | Full Educational Tutorial

What's this phishing ....?
Phishing is a cheating us and a way to find a password for our different accounts. For example, fb.
I want to find the password for your fb account. So I use phishing. I have created the fb login page as well as a page and send you the link. I'm telling you that this link has some photos and you have to go. So you go to it and try to log in with an email & password. And I can take care of your email & password. Because I made that web page. We can imagine the rest.

Let's see how to survive phishing.

► Most of the time, this is just the one I told you that there are photos. So do not go to the link that does not care. It's fine, but do not give email & password.

► For fb, always use the fb app or lite app in the play store. If you are using a web browser, use a well-accepted browser.

► Do not use apps that let people know that "Data is slashing, not data slip". No fb app or web browser can use free data charges here on this planet

► Use your two-step verification accounts every time. In this case, you will have to log in with your email and password to get your code from a sms message. The code may also be a puzzle.

Go to Facebook 2 step verificatoin
Account settings > security > login approval

Go to Google 2 step verification
Open Google settings > sign in & security > signing in to Google > two step verification

► Use a strong password on every account. That is, simple letters, capital letters, function marks, numbers. Each one has a password.

► Do not tell your password anyone. Those who think you are friends can do you a bad thing.

► Every webpage of Microsoft, Google and Facebook has https in front of the URL. http: It's a phishing link. There is a phishing site instead of faceb00k. Be careful of that.

► If you're suspicious of the links or app you downloaded, you can quickly go and change your password.

Additional help
If you're unsure about any app or link, then give me a message. I'll check it out.

Let's meet another post.

Monday, February 12, 2018

What is Hacking? | Full Educational Tutorial

Actually, hacking can give you different types of analysis. But, everyone can understand, in simple terms, by using someone's computer, mobile phone, tablet device, or whatever device to steal, change, or monitor data they have, hacking Is simply called.

What is required for this?
This can vary by chance. But basically, it's only necessary to have an internet connection and an electronic device that can connect to the Internet.

According to their traits, hackers are divided into three categories

  • Black Hat Hackers
  • White Hat Hackers
  • Gary Hat

Black Hat Hackers
They are called Unethical Hackers. They are in the dark side of the Internet. They are causing great damage to the world. Especially, they are constantly engaged in illegal activities. Credit card fraud, breaking up networks, helping out for terrorism, etc.

White Hat Hackers
They are called Ethical Hackers. They are maintaining world peace by suppressing attacks by Black Hat Hackers. In many countries, White Hat Groups have been formed for state security. Black Hat's own responsibility is to decide the mind of the hacker, to face up to their counter attacks. Countries like America and Russia have sought out their services to eliminate terrorism by finding targets for terror.

Gary Hat
These people, with a combination of black hat and white hat, At times, it engages in illegal activities and sometimes offers protection for law.

Facebook Hacking
This is a great idea. So many people like to talk. If you like, hack a friend's facebook account and enjoy innocent pleasure. That's why I wanted to write about this. In fact, the Facebook network consists of a very high level of security that can not be hacked. But, that's not to say, Facebook is hacking. could. But only a handful of people have that ability. This ability is only limited to the experienced hacker with a very high experience in the haking field. Therefore, to hack facebook, we use the easiest way we use it [it's not easy to say]. That is, the method of phishing.

What is Phishing?
In the word "Fishing", the appearance of the phishing word is recorded. Know how to fish. Take a toe and take a bait for it, keep it in the water until you have to eat the bait. As the fish gets a bait, the bar gets up and the fish gets downloaded. That's how it works in phishing.

An example: To think of you, you need to hack your Facebook account. You are initially doing a fake interface, similar to the Facebook interface. For this fake page, we put in some minor code. After that, this bogus page is uploaded through a free web hosting service. There we get a link to our bogus page there. Here is the link that is given to the fish, or you give it to your friend. Please send this link in any way, and click anywhere. Then, comes, the Facebook page with a fake login interface. As soon as he / she enters your Facebook account from this page, we will get all login data to the above-received Web host account. That's all. It's very easy. This is simply phishing. How to do this is very clear on the internet.

very interesting movement in the Hacking.
Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is a character we know. Mark Zuckerberg has replenished Facebook's security, making it seem to be an enormous amount of money in recent times for certain security reasons. He was not behind this after all. He summoned the media and assaulted a large crowd. But, unfortunately, it's been almost an hour since Facebook's Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has hacked on his own Facebook page, changed its profile photo, chimpanzees it, got an unknown hacker, or a single person.

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