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Monday, September 3, 2018

Top 10 World’s Richest Female Prostitutes with Pictures

They are the most expensive prostitutes in the world. They maintain sexual contact with the most popular and richest individuals in the world, and these relationships are kept secret and provided with special protection.

1) JATLEY (Price - $ 40, 000 Per Night Rate)

Image result for JAITLEY bitch

She is the most expensive prostitute in the world.

She is in the South France for a night for $ 40,000.

2) Lauren (price - $ 24, 000 per night rate)


Lauren is named second-highest female prostitute in the world.

3) Natalie McLennan (price - $ 16, 000 Per Night Rate)


Her virgin name has become very famous for being a hooker. She is beautiful and has become one of the best in the world.

4) Alina Percea (price- $ 8, 800 per night rate)

Image result for Alina Percea

Maya was 18 years old at Romania. She is 4th most expensive female prostitutes in the world.

5) Ava Xi'an (price- $ 6, 500 per night rate)


6) Ms. Maya Blue (Price - $ 4, 500 Per Night Rate)

Image result for Ms. Maya Blue

She has set a higher standard for her profession through posting her photos on her site. She is ranked 6th among those who charge the world's highest bidder. China and New Orleans live in their colonies.

7) Ashley Dupre (Kristen) (Price - $ 4, 300 Per Night Rate)


"Elliot Spitzcer" has an affair with this woman and Kristen has paid only $ 15,000 in these months. She charges $ 4, 300 for one night.

8) Just Kassandra (Price- $ 3, 000 Per Night Rate)


Now Kassandra she likes who gets her all her clients. She wants to meet individually, but she meets everyone. I'm rich in a rush.

9) Loredana Jolie (price - $ 2, 000 Per Night Rate)


10) Zahia Dehar (Price- $ 1, 200 Per Night Rate)


Barbie doll is a beautiful doll that she only spent $ 32, 000 for her month for her image.

For one night her cost is $ 1,200.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Top ten countries in the world with the most beautiful women

There are a lot of beautiful women in different parts of the world. For example, the woman in China and the woman in Africa are very different. So let's look at 10 countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

10. Venezuela

Most of the people in the country pay more attention to their beauty. Women divide a large part of their income for their cosmetic products. Because of this, Venezuelans is ahead in the world queens.

09. South Korea

▼▼ Watch this if you want ▼▼

South Korean women are considered to be the most attractive of us on the planet. Their thin body and hair are more appealing and their faces show much innocence.

08. Italy

Italian women really adore their olive skin and the attractive brown hair.

07. Lebanon

Image result for Lebanon girl

Lebanese women from the Middle East are best known for their oil resources.

06. Spain

Image result for Spain girl

An Spanish woman seizes the camera lens is correct if every photographer says a dream. They also show the beauty of their feminine clothes and have their own traditional costume.

05. Colombia

Apart from the natives, the here is a population of Arab, Portuguese and Spanish descent. As a result, the women here are very pretty.

04. Argentina

Because of the climate of the climate, women in Argentina are very pretty.

03. Ukraine

The women here are very close to the image of a Russian woman. Ukraine is famous for its country of courageous women.

02. Brazil

Brazil is another home for the most beautiful woman in the world. Women are thin and skinny.

01. Russia

Women in other countries are slightly higher than women. Their blue eyes make the Russian woman more beautiful.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Cricket World

You will not be able to imagine that these are the most beautiful women in cricket. Outside people think that hard-wearing players are not pretty. In this article, you will be ready to show that attitude is false. The female players are beautiful in appearance and work in a victorious way. The 2017 women are the brightest women in the country.

10. Sana Mir, Pakistan

9. Holly Ferling, Australia

8. Elisey Pray, Australia

7. Isobel Joyce, Ireland

6. Mogan Moira Leningi, Australia

5. Catherine Helen Brunett, England

4. Laura Marsh, England

3. Sarah Taylor, England

2. Isha Guha, England

1. Ellis Pray, Australia

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentine - There are 11 things you do not know about Valentine

One day they are coming near the crowd, who are afraid of people, they are trying to show a lot of cheats. That was Valentine's Day. At this time everyone who is young and old celebrates Valentine's Day, I do not have valantine this time.

Draw Close to Valentine's Day "Why Do People Are Loved For Special?" Others say, "Why is it that you love the world, especially when it's time for the day?" This is a story in Valentine's Day that can be read all together. It's a lot of stories about Valentine.

1) The beginning of Valentine

Valentine's day, Valentine's day, will be the day for February 14. Many people know why. If you do not know someone, this is the most popular story about this day.

During the second Claudius of the ancient Roman emperor, soldiers had a right to marry. It is said that the reason for making this law is because the emperor believed the unmarried soldiers more than married soldiers. Nevertheless, Valentine, a priest, who had been merciful to lovers, engaged in loving ties with their girlfriends in secret. Valentine's priest has been sentenced to death on account of this act that has been carried out outside the law and has fallen on the ears of the monk. He was killed on February 14. This is why we all day celebrate Valentine's day.

2) There are several "Saint Valentines"

There are a lot of ideas about the "Valentine" saintained by the leader we spoke earlier. If we look closely at the priest, the priest loves the wedding, the story is a legend, and there is no evidence to fully acknowledge the story. Similarly, the second Saint Valentine, who lived in the same name as the "Saint Valentine" in the 3rd century AD, is the second bishop who lives in Turney, Italy. They both lived in the same age and were punished by Emperor Claudius II. Some say that they are the same

Even a skull like St. Valentine's Day can still be seen in a church in Rome.

3) The beginning of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day clergymen have been quoted as "From Your Valentine" by many Valentine's greetings. He is bound to love with the daughter of the jailor while he is imprisoned for his death and imprisoned. The old stories say that the priest Valentine has worked to help her see a miracle woman. Before the day before he was executed, the Valentine's Sisters sent her a signed signature from From Your Valentine. Accordingly, Valentine's Day lovers have begun introducing themselves to Valentine's Day.

4) The symbol of love - the rose flower

Roses are a symbol of love, one of Valentine's day's greatest love. The Valentine's Day roses are said to begin the practice of the Victorian period. The reason for giving love for the romantic rose is that Venus is the goddess of love. But how much roses were given gifts, but with Valentine's greetings, it was a bad thing in Victorian times. Perhaps her illness to Valentina, who had signed his name, may have been.

5) Valentine and Chocolate

Needless to say, chocolate is one of the most popular foods and gifts for lovers. In the 1860's, Valentine's Day Valentine's Day coffer box was first made available for Valentine's Day. Richard Cadbury, the son of the founder of the popular Cadbury family, is the first to create the chocolate box. So in the early days of the popular chocolate boxes, they produced a shaped chocolate box for Valentine's Day. This is how the first Valentine's Chocolate box was sold in 1868.

6) The first Valentine's Day poem

The poetry of Valentine's day is considered to be a poetry class written in 1382 by Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English literature. The poem is referred to as "the Parliament of Fagulas".

7) The first Valentine's Day greetings

The first, Valentine's Day, remains the same today as the Duke Charles of Ohio in 1415, a poet written to his wife. The poems written in French, while Charles Duke was in London's jails, is still preserved in the British Library.

The Valentine's Note, which was written in English, is still preserved in the past, as in the present day. It is a letter written by Marie Bruce to her boyfriend.

8) When was the frenzy of Valentine started?

Nowadays, Valentine's Day is not a day for lovers of love than lovers. That is why, beginning in February, this is why it is filled with pink toilets, pinks and supermarket pavilions. In Sri Lanka, this is a recent change that has occurred to us in many countries in the world before this marketing. The day of Valentine's day as a simple and innocent love day is that of the commercial day and frenzy that began in England in the early 1900's.

9) Valentine's Day weddings unsuccessful?

What do you think about getting married on Valentine's Day? We think it's a very romantic experience, do not you? Still, a new survey found that Valentine's Day marriage is a failure. The investigators have said that the majority of married couples who are married this time are so much of a romantic as they are. But this is not something that matters to everyone. We say that it's possible that a lot of people can be this way.

10) those single Persons can celebrate Valentine's Day

Api Nodanna Valentine

Now a lot of single boys are crying we will not be. Please do not hurt Valentine. But there is a fact that others do not know. It's possible that Valentine could celebrate SAD a day. This is not a celebration of Sad Day. In the context of the Singles Awareness Day, the US's name is derived. It's possible to celebrate this event without any love. And what kind of life is this still a girl / boy? It's possible that you can use this day to share your feelings.

11) Take note of Valentine's Day celebratory

The information we found when we found Sri Lanka information with Valentine's report in the world was not the kind of romance we can say. According to a survey a year ago, Valentine has reportedly numbered 9400 Sri Lanka women who lost their virginity. On Valentine's Day, sales of chocolate and rosemary are about to be increased by a reason of six times, and contraction of contraceptive pills and cotton swabs is twofold. Even if you are thinking about virginity and sexual freedom, we remind our girls that they use their own emotions to make decisions about life.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Different in the female brain and male brain

Multi-tasking capability

Women have the ability to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously. But men can only turn to one thing at a time. If you explain this further, you can watch a television and watch a TV while cooking, but you must stop watching TV for the task, and pay attention to the phone call. When doing so, it is normal for him to miss certain tasks.

Language translation

Women can easily learn to use several languages. But the language of men is far weaker. Generally, a 3-year-old girl has developed more than three years of age boy.


Females are more vulnerable to a problem. There is a relatively high logic potential for solving a male problem. In most cases, women are more likely to solve problems and make it more complicated. When solving problems, the men are more likely to be more successful than women.

Ability to analyze

When analyzing a woman, it is weaker. Men have more space in the brain for interventions. Man has the ability to easily understand a map or plan. However, lesbians see it as an intricate picture. They will not allow the brain to accommodate it.

Lying and cheating

In female lying, in the brain, 70% of the separation activity is handled by the brain, 20% is handled by the body, and 10% in the lungs of the lips. However, the brain does not have any more support in the process of lying with men. Therefore, it is impossible to lie to men. By making good care, men's lies can be easily seized. Women have the inherent abilities of lying, even without facing the face. Because the probability of succumbing to malicious malice is overwhelming, it must be done very carefully.

Facing problems

When there are many problems for women, her brain can not be identified as a problem. Brain causes a diversion. When there are many maladies, his brain easily classifies those problems, allocates it to the classes in the brain, and finds solutions for each other one by one.

But the women want to tell them something else. After that, she does not care about whether the problem is resolved when she goes to bed. She finds relief by removing problems and not getting problems. But when a man experiences problems, she can see looking over problems and looking for problems.


Relationships, friendships, family, comfort, as a woman's needs can be a concern for women. The needs of men can be described as status, success, solutions, and plans. Sexuality can be identified by both parties in a common need.

Not Satisfied

Women place first on relationships. Relationships are disastrous when there is a breakdown. Boys are the first to point out the motive for work, but the work is unsatisfactory. When relationships are in a state of dissatisfaction, women can not concentrate on work, and men find themselves unable to focus on relationships when their work is not satisfactory.

The speech cell

Women do not speak directly. Often, the person listening to what he intends is telling himself what he wants to understand. The men speak straight away. Most often, they simply declare what they mean. There are still women in what is said. She is saying something else to say. If a man says something, he means only what he said.

Emotional control

When the women are impatient, they pronounce wordless words. When the male is impulsive, he / she behaves independently. An impulsive woman expresses her not even expecting, and an impotent man goes into unforeseen actions.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The amazing benefits of watermelons

do you know....? Watermelon has a good effect on your body health. Sweet melons have been found to stimulate your brain to stimulate the entire cellular process. Highly polar solids Vitamin and bacterial substances have water content of 92% of water melons. You can get the following health benefits from eating honey melon fruit.

01. Heart and bone functionality.

Honey melon juice makes blood pressure relaxing, which has led to the increase in blood flow, which is beneficial for disease. Also important for the body's bones.

02. Weight reduction.

Weight reduction reduces fat in the body.

03. Helps reduce inflammation in the body.

Normally, the activity of the cyclo-oxygenase enzyme, which suppresses the inflammation of the body

04. Blood and kidney cleansers are also helpful.

Watermelon helps to increase urine. And, unlike alcohol and caffeine, kidneys are not a tough, natural blood.

05. Tummy and nerve help.

Watermelon is rich in watermelon and helps regulate the body's nervous and muscular functions.

06. Alkaline.

Some foods (ie, meat, eggs and milk) help to cut the risk of developing diseases.

07. Improve eye health

08. Helps to immune and help heal wounds

Some exciting things about kissing

There are many ways that people can show love and affection. Of these, the most important thing is to kiss. There are also many artifacts to kiss. It is said that this kissing art is different from the person.

As a percentage, 20% of your time in life will spend time kissing you. Ancient Egyptians are kissing no lips and a nose in their nose. 50% of people have kissed him before the age of 14 years. Kneading reduces tooth decay and hence the extraction of the teeth by extracting the teeth. The Chinese can not kiss rightly without training. Still they are not keen to kiss.

A quarter of a quota of calories is pumping. Kissing the rump is one exercise. Even in the brains of your brain, you can even find one another's lips. Studies have confirmed that most people's head is swaying to the kiss. The highest number of kisses in the world is reported from Israel. It's 30 hours and 45 minutes.

Kissing in Nepal and Italy in the 16th century was an offense to death.

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