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Friday, February 2, 2018

Something to think about before you buy a car

I wanted to write the note about why someone would think about buying a car. This is because most of my thoughts were that people often had problems with their vehicles.

Previously, I would say a car is a lot of metal. Some people think that there is a lot of unwanted iron. No, it's not. Every vehicle has its own hands, behavior, and body. Do not say so much about the iron that does not have a lot of heart. It's also interesting. God will be at the top of it. That's why you love the car. And do not give anyone else any kind of caring for your car. He is one of four things in his life that does not have to be divided.

First of all, when looking for a vehicle, you need to see what you want. Let me explain this through what I saw.

1) There is a beautiful luxury car.
2) Something's wrong with a vehicle.
3) There is a certain amount of want to drive a car.
4) There is a part used to look like a car.
5) Someone who wants to buy a car for some money is difficult.

In order to ride a beautiful, super car, you must be able to spend up to 50,000 a month. Such vehicles fall into the luxurious hive. The cost is high. The price of a vehicle is more than 70. Montero, Prado, Jeep, Hummer, Benz, BMW, Audi, they fall into this group. If you do not have a day income of Rs.10,000, there is nothing to go to such a vehicle. If you want to know about these vehicles, I will tell you.

The other is that people who want a vehicle. They often get into trouble because of the falls. The advice given to these people is that they need to think twice about getting a car. This is suitable for vehicles in 1500 CC. When I get something like a car, I like cars like Belita and yaris when I can not sell it. Belta and Marais are manufactured in special needs. For example - taxi service.

Those who look like a car look pretty on the car. They're fitting for vehicles that have pumps.
I'll give some advice to those who think about getting a car and having a little money with them. I'll say a little better than 10 lakh less than 20 lakhs. Choose your own way.

The first thing to say is that there is no security that will not be easy for the Indian vehicles.

Examples: Nano, Alto, Maruti

The high cost of such vehicles is a shame. Really stupid. A mortuary is almost the same as the 15 lucas. If you buy an Indian or other non-Japanese vehicle, you can have at least one air bag (Option with two front-end air bags - least) Take a car without Power Mirror and Power Steering. Because you spend only 15 lakes, not foliage. There's plenty of people to think about. The price is lower because the Indian car is good. Well, why are you still paying us for Rs. 15 lakhs and why do we go to a safe vehicle without any comfort? Go to the Field to Everyday Life Go for a walk to the next floor. Take the dogs to the front. Good cars to go to class if they are small. They are Alto. Maruti, but no. When you get a heart attack, you get rid of it.

At least 2.0 million cars can be bought.

Puget 406
Mazda BJ5P
TOYOTA tercel
TOYOTA Starlet

Toyota is also a good vehicle. But it will not be possible to find one million. FB 15 is an unmistakably cool car. The oil works well. Easy and convenient. If you're interested in FB14 / B14, you can have at least one G number. All the other FB14 / B14 cars that are all hit by cars. Two thousand miles beyond. And just the FB15 is the only one that makes the last of the cars on the Nissan NFL. If you want to buy a vehicle on a regular basis, take a car that has not been used since 1999. A vehicle like 2003-2005 is very good. There are good vehicles that came in 1999 to take a good look.

There are many people who think that the cars are Toyota and Nisan. There is no such thing. Any non-Chinese vehicle is good. But 406 and Mazda can be used by two good vehicles. If you take 406 one, you can find a manager. There's a little mess in the car. If you would like to talk about a racing sport like a sports car, look forward to it. There are lots of these.

I'm just saying that every car is superbly auto-smelling. SOLUNA / Tracel is the vehicle that was introduced to the Taxi Service. Easy, and maintenance cost. If we love the car, car love to us too.

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