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Friday, February 2, 2018

Free SEO PDF book - Get it Now [Special Offer]

Just take your blog if you want to go up. I'm going to go today to have a unique Punch eBook available on your blog for unlimited traffic. This has been known a lot, and this has been written in Madhawa Ranga.

If you have read this, then there is no reason to ask again. This has been posted on our blog with his consent. It's best for me to ask Madhava if you would like to download the post in your blog. It's not enough time to say the contents of this.

If you are asked to open a password, call "".

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to get Google Traffic for our Blog or Website?

Everyone who writes blogs likes Google traffic. Google Traffic can be purchased as an English blog. But getting Google traffic to the Sinhala blogs is a bit difficult.

How important is Google traffic to blogging?

Google traffic means that whatever language a writing language is very important for a blog. Those who know about SEO know the value of it. Let me tell you something else.

The more traffic we make in our blog, the higher the blog rankings. That means search engine ranks and rank like alexa. The value of a blog can be determined from the ranking of that blog.

In addition to direct visitors to the blog, there is another group. So if you have an Ad Network, ad click, there will be more clicks. It's like this. Let's think about it. Someone searches Adsense on Google and enters your blog. If he reads your blog post, if you see an ad with one of the keyword tags on the web, then there's a 90% chance to click that ad. Because, in fact, someone through Google is coming to know something. She is tempted to click on if she has ads for what she's looking for.

Adsense is much like Ad Network. I said that if I click on a keyword clicked from a keyword related visitor, then we'll get more clicks on that click. In Adsense, I've seen this on my english blog for $ 1.49 per click.

Google traffic, in a word, is like a chain. Increase the some links and increase the chances of becoming more active in the chains. There are occasional Google traffic blogs in that blog that will increase Google's traffic. Which means things like going up the search list.

Google traffic bloggers have to come up with a little idea about what to do. Then let's get down to work.

So how is Google Traffic generated in our blog?

It's another process. We think Google has looked for Adsense as someone from the United States. We can not reach the 100,000 results of the search list. Because blogs have been written about hundreds of lakhs. But let's say it. That in our country, Google searches for Adsense ads. The country specified result is displayed on the search results in Google. That is, if we search something, our web site or blog will show the results first. It's what we use.

That's the example I just mentioned earlier and then at the beginning of his search. About our blogs / web sites about Adsense. We will do the same for our blog.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

SEO 01 - 100,000 per month for your blog | SITE ANALYZING TOOLS - 1

Today, I'm going to talk about this with SEO, which is an SEO tool that is going to be important to all learners. These can not optimize your website. But they can get a record of a website. Those reports are based on SEO. Therefore, these Tools can get a report on our website, make it a mistake, and make the site Optimized. But after understanding the report using Tools, the SEO site should have a basic understanding of SEO. But a few demanded something like this, and I thought that a post like that would be in the middle of our lessons.

1. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools :

Of course, the two tools on this Google toolbar are very good. That's why they set the two at the top of the list. Anyway, I'll do some specific lessons about these two tools after the basic lessons. Know about both these tools as an SEO person. It's as good as it is. These tools are very useful for those who do SEO. I will briefly describe these two basic ideas and facilities.

Google Analytics

Primarily, this is a Tool to Analyze the usage of Google's websites we have provided. This means that this tool can give our websites with a better analysis of trading with their users and more. After that, the information you receive will make the necessary changes or needs. Actually, it's hard to explain.. But do not worry, put a separate post on these. In a nutshell, let me show you some things you can do with this tool.

* Information about people on the site (their countries, what kind of device they come to the site, etc.)

* Information about what they come to the site (more pages with views, more about what people look for)

* Information on websites they visit to the site (Traffic Resources)

Much more ...

under the this little animation that explains about Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is another valuable tool for those who deliver SEO provided by Google. This tool is similar to a Tool. In fact, if you use this correctly, Google Search can used to find the best way. I mean, if you really use this, you can think of Google as a good site, a valuable, well-designed and maintained site. And, the facilities provided by this site make it possible for Google to get the most out of our site. In the future, this tool will be given some lessons. The other one is clearer about this. At present, I would like to tell you what is essentially the first of these.

* Search Queries - visitors to your web site came to it and what information they were searching for

* Links - Links related to your site

* Crawl Errors - Issues that crawl your site and more information

* Malware Alerts - Information related to malware in some way to your site

* Sitemaps, Robots related things - Makes a sitemap for your site (what is known as a Sitemap) and how to introduce it to Google Search, how to make settings for Google Spiders / Robots and how to make a good crawl.

And there are many more things to do with this tool ...

A video introduction video about Google Webmaster Tools

Those who already know SEO required to know about this tool. SEO brings together people who know new and learned ones. I will talk about this tool in the future.

2 Woorank

This is also a very good tool. But this is getting worse once a week for free. It provides facilities to analyze. In addition, they need to pay for their subscription if necessary. But since our IP address is Dynamic, it can be retrieved to a new IP when it re-connects to the Internet. Or, if it's a temporary trial, you can get a seven-day free trial with additional support. You need a Paypal Account, but for that. Paypal Payment can be canceled within 7 days of required work. I will tell you how to put a comment on this. If you need a good analyze tool, you do not have to. And the other person can do it without deducting money. If this is a Subspiration, we analyze and analyze information about websites of our competitors. Then we can take the necessary steps to understand them and our situation better and make them better. It also provides some details on each section. It provides a reasonable amount of advice to avoid errors. And, to help with Google Analytics.

It provides a report under the following sections:

* Optimize

 1. SEO - The information on our site is analyzed and analyzed for the most basic things that are related to SEO. (Information about Page Rank, Title, Keywords, Description etc.)

2. From the Mobile - Mobile Devices section this section provides a related assessment.

3. Usability - Consider using what to do to help the operation.

4. Technologies - Information on the technologies used on your site and related matters.

* Promote

5. Backlinks - Backlinks and related information about your site (an upcoming lesson on Backlinks)

6. Share your site on the Social Media Social Network and related information

* Measure

7. Visitors - Visitors to your site visitors and related information.

I am looking forward to a detailed article about this Tool.

The post grew a little longer. So, I'm introducing this tool today and I finish the post. A second part of it too, too. That's what I'm asking you to introduce some other tools like this. You can also analyze your site with these tools.

For example, Woorank took the website. Their Competitors created sites like and I uploaded the entire report for Linkedin website and uploaded it to Images and uploaded it to an RAR file. It's the link below. Anyone who wants it can take a look at this tool.

Inform your friends and blog about our lessons. Join us through our social media. Stay with our blog.

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