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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nametest Script v1.0 – Facebook Fun Apps Website Script | Free

Hi guys. Today, I also brought something very valuable. This is not something you can not see. But I'm just giving this to you.

I also gave a script like this before. But it's not so powerful. (There was no Admin panel in the earlier script.)

See the earlier post here.

Facebook Fun Apps Script Free Download [phpfunapps]

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Let's put the features in this Script as an image.

It looks like 5mb. Tell Install if someone does not know how to make a deal. I'll tell you how.

Download from here.

You can share and download with Social Media. If possible, put a comment on it. I'll be quicker with another post like this. Good Bye.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Facebook Fun Apps Script Free Download [phpfunapps]

Hi guys. Today I brought a valuable script. This is a Facebook fun app script.

This site has been created by this script.

Okay, if this script is given money, we can find it. But today I give it Free to you.

Requirements to install facebook viral site.

1. Domain.
2. Hosting.
3. Little bit of mind.
4. And some patience.

How to install facebook fun app script.

1. Download the script from the link below.
2. Create a facebook api and put api code on php file script.
3. Upload it on your hosting.
4. Now all your site is working.

Download from below.
Type "" if you ask password for a Zip file to open it.

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