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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Creative Magics - 3D paintings

You've seen 3D paintings? These can not be easily done. Because it is imperative and tolerant. Just look at it. But is she real? Although this art is not widely known in Sri Lanka, names in some countries are very famous. These people are doing this to their livelihood.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Aliens in the universe? - Full Discussion

From the day that man came forth, he was curious about it, and then he was following it for as long as he knew it. But since the day he man came from, he has been unable to fully understand. The modern universe. Many have been discovered but there are many things that have not yet been revealed.

1) Video clips of flying drinks

In addition, an event in Mexico on August 6, 1997 is very interesting. According to the video, a huge round flying saucer is located near a tall building. This is a short walk to the circle.

But some have the idea that they can be created using computer software.

On May 11, 1950, Macmillville, a village farmer, took a picture of a farmer. Many people thought that this was a truly photographed scene.

The space object taken by Ralph in the United States in 1952 was also a true photograph of computer technology.

2) Aliens can live here?

If problems arise when finding the earth from a vast arsenal of alien life.

1) The distance - The stars of a planetary system that live on intelligent organisms are not in the vicinity of the Earth. Such a star can have tens of thousands of light years from Earth, so it must come a long way from the star to the earth.

2) The distance from Earth to Earth is about 100,200 light-years from Earth, and it will have to travel a long time in space. Problems with which they are confronted is that the life of an organism is not so high and it has to bring food to live for as long as possible.

3) Fuel Limit - In the case of large-scale long-distance payments, there is a huge amount of fuel needed to be spent. There are problems with fuel storage. Nuclear power is needed, but it will also need a large amount of fuel.

Extracurricular search projects

1) Seti Project

In November of 1961, astrologers, astronomers and biotechnologists held a convention for searching intelligent organisms. The well-known scientist Frank Drake was the first to introduce him at the conference, to find alien intelligent organisms, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) from today Up to seti grown enormously branches in different directions to the project yet, if some of the branches of the main branches are producing excellent.

BETA-Billion channel Extra Terrestrial Assay (PHOENIX Beta)

Meta-Million channel Extra Terrestrial Assay

2) Beta project

The Billion channel Extra Terrestrial Assay BETA Project, with the help of the Planetary Society, has been commissioned by Paul Holovtsch of the Harvard University. From the equator to the north, 60 degrees south, and 30 degrees south The purpose of the project was to observe all the stars. In just over a year, 26 Mhz radio telescope in Harvard, Giga Hertz 1.4 The frequency ranges from 1.72 in this project.

The Beta project was launched in 1985 for the META-Million channel Extra Terrestrial Assay.

Serendib Project (Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Near by Developed Intelligent Populations)

This project, implemented by Bertley and the University of California at the University of California in 1978, was carried out with the help of a radio telescope anywhere in the world. However, in May 1997, Serendib -4 was initially projected. From the south-west to the south-west Another resident of perks from the Observatory of Serendib sub project was implemented. Serendib, it also ran along the wavelength of hydrogen.

Sofia (SOFIA)

Antina is always keen on performing massive dishes, such as the Earth from the Earth, while scientists are trying to make the alien dream come true from various spaceships sent by space. The Hubble Space Telescope, which has already been installed in space, scans the universe-wavelengths of the waves, in addition to using advanced technology, various spacecraft has been developed for scattered rays. For example, the SOFIA-Sophisticated Facility of Intra-Red Astronomy. Another wave of infrared radiation, known to us, is the infrared ray. The large infrared telescope of this spacecraft makes it an analysis of the gravity of the light.

The special feature of the space shuttle that is occupied by this telescope is, unlike other planes, usually in a plane. This plane can fly just as airborne as it does to fly, in space, and unlike the oars, and it can be safely back to earth. This "missile" signal can not be cast in any telescope, the Project Director believe.


One of the seven is still a mystery. The pyramid is still a mystery. The pyramids that spread over a large dry land area are difficult to view as mere mortals or Egyptian ruins. In an era where the unknown period, How and when did they get the help of other glands in the universe?

In 1864, we discussed the unit method used in the construction of pyramids using the "Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid" book by Scottish Scottish National Astronomical Scientist, in 1864. He called this unit "Pyramid inch" . The pyramid angle is the British Metric Unit of 1.00099 inches. The ability to use measurements with high precision metrics How were the inhabitants? Pyramid explorers believe Pyramid's lined ground to the ground has been targeted at the Polaris.

Some believe that the pyramids of Orayan are three of the largest stars in the constellation Kufu, Cfuery, and the Pebbles of the largest pyramids in Giza, Egypt.

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