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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mobile Phone Virus History

Do you know the phone virus? If you do not, look at this post. We're going to go back to the phone virus history.

Initially, phone viruses are similar to viruses. Both of you are damaging your device. Cell phone viruses come from bluetooth and MMS. Studies have shown that phone viruses have been influenced by phones with Symbian operating systems.

A telephone virus was first mentioned in June 2004. Since then, there have been 05 viruses identified. Cabir, Skulls, Commwarrior, Locknut, Fontal are these viruses.

Cabir virus

Reported first - June 2004
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - through Bluetooth
Damage - no harm

Skulls virus

Reported November 2004
Effect of the virus - phones with Symbian OS
Expansion - via Internet downloads
Damage - All other activities go off except for receiving phone calls and sending text messages.

Commwarrior virus

First Published in January 2005
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - through Bluetooth and MM
Damage - MMS messages to all numbers included in the Phone Book.

Locknut virus

First published - March 2005
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - via Internet downloads
Damage - all phone operations will be deactivated.

Fontal virus

First published - April 2005
The Influence of the Virus - The Symbian Series 60 Operating System
Expansion - via Internet downloads
Damage - all phone operations will be deactivated.

If there are any ways to escape these things,
             Unknowingly find files and remove them, antivirus software installing the phone.

What do you think of this post? Write down your ideas.

Computer virus | Full Introduction Tutorial

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer program that has the capability to self-copy into a computer program is known as a virus.

Why are these programs given the name of Computer Virus?

This is because these programs hide in other computer programs, like self-copying and live coding like Live Brake.

How is the virus spreading?

The main source of information is the Internet. The email contributes most to the direct spread of the hardware, such as pins, floppy disks, compact discs, multiple disk drives that can be used to move data. Additionally, the computer network also contributes to this.

What can happen due to viruses? Below are some of the major damages.

  • Destroying data and information being destroyed.
  • Computer simulation.
  • Sometimes I rarely fall into computer hardware.
  • Dramatic data or information disrupting or crazy.
  • Damage to software installed on the computer.
  • The computer has to be inconvenienced and wasted time.

How to Identify the Virus?

When a virus infection is infected by a virus, one or more of the following symptoms can be seen. (In some cases, these infections can occur due to other causes and should be considered with care)

  • Computer's operating speed is less normal.
  • The computer is often off
  • Restart the computer regularly
  • Some software is difficult to work with
  • Shuffle the functioning of each software
  • Same software removal automatically
  • Delete the files automatically
  • Incorrect file collection
  • Shows the shadowy shadows on the screen
  • Can not install new software
  • Messing and dialog box decompression
  • Displaying a variety of screenshots on the screen or the icons
  • Various sounds
  • Computer disk failure
  • On-line computer disinfection
  • It is difficult to print in the right way
  • Various nonsense copying in printed copies
  • Displaying the presence of computer trays
  • It takes extra time for the computer to run

How to remove the virus?

The best way to remove viruses is to use up-to-date antivirus software. Here are some of the free antivirus software available.

  • Avast
  • McAfee
  • Sophos
  • Panda
  • AVG
  • Kaspersky
  • Avira
  • Norton

How to protect yourself from viruses?

  • Putting the firewall on
  • Run the correct backup files
  • Antivirus program availability and deployment of security tools
  • Uses an account instead of an administrator account for normal use
  • Always use genuine software
  • Do not go to unknown websites
  • Give more attention to the email they receive
  • Securely used methods of entering data

Other harmful programs

Worms - Auto complete. You can move around in a file without needing a program. They spread rapidly in computer networks, which could be the most serious.

Trojan Horse - useful programs that can be viewed as destructive but destructive.

Spyware - The information on the computer and the computer performs well.

Adware - keeps posted unwanted advertisements while surfing the Internet.

Hijacker - robbery of data and information in store.

Dialer - This affects the people who use the modem ... and they may have to pay for an unexpected phone bill.

Logger - has a different logger. This is done by stealing private information.

Spam - unnecessary email is sent to your email account.

Software against harmful software

Malicious Software - Versatile Software

Virus - Antivirus

Worms - Antivirus

Trojan horse - Antivirus

Spyware - Antispyware

Adware - Antiadware / Popup Blockers

Hijacker - Antihijacker

Dialer - Antidial

Logger - Antilogger

Spam - Antispam

Important information had to be sent to you. Keep a comment if possible.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is your file Hidden because of the Virus?

The virus is a great shit, guys. Someone virus does not look like the file in our pen, chip, and hard drive. But their size has been allowed. At the same time, we can winrar software easily.

If you have not yet got a winrar, take it from below.

Install winrar now and click on Add to archive .... right click on where your virus could not be displayed.

Now, this one is like the one below. Select Zip and click OK. Now, the zip file is created.

When you create a Zip file, you can extract a file in a folder where you like it.

Now that you've hidden your file, the file will be where you extracted.

But if you have your virus infected with your virus, it will open the virus, every pen in each folder, pen, chip, hard, and you will have to delete the virus and do the same thing.

You remember that you created a zip file. Open it. Now it's in the folders there are some files inside the screen. You can go to one folder by one folder and delete it like .ink .exe. Right click on the file you want to delete When you click the Delete file, click on it and then the file will be copied in a small box. Wait for it to finish.
And then, extract the file like the first one ...

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