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Monday, February 5, 2018

What is the Different between and

Now wordpress is a very popular topic. There is not much about Wordpress about. So what is this What is this First, let's look at

This is a free cloud based hosting service. You can create an account and run a blog. This gives us free host and free domain. free domain, so there is a sub domain, look like This does not make a big space, but we get a little space like 3GB. You can do big work out of this space.

This makes the blog easy. Updates, Spam Blocking, It's Automatically. And Backup and Security are automatically provided. This is a block of hundreds of cloud base servers, so the blog is always online running.

The blog's dashboard (SSL) is secure. And yet, there is not only the disadvantage, but only few themes. Otherwise, PHP code will not be changed. You can not put Ads. If you put ads, the blog will be canceled. Themes, Plugin can not be uploaded.

Let's go to the next word

In this case, we need to host and domain. There should be knowledge to install WordPress and install it. Plugins, Updates need to be done. In this case we can upload custom theme.

In this way you can put plugin and put Ads. If you want, you can change PHP and change it to make it work. It's very easy to learn.

So let's try to learn. WordPress can be learned with You can create Web sites yourself.

So if you feel important, comment here. Just share it with others.

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