Monday, February 19, 2018

Download Torrent File Direct Here by new site. [Bytesloader]

Here is a new site for friends who download Torrent downloads today. That is to say in today's letter, we are about to download a Torrent file from Download Manager software, such as IDM, to download from a Direct Link. The name is "Bytesloader". This is still a site in Beta. In addition to Torrent Direct Download from this site, you can download sites like YouTube and SoundCloud. We can also get the PC and our Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Dropbox) when we download them. Another great thing about this is that when we download a Torrent download from Torrent Client Software such as μTorrent, BitTorrent, we sometimes add some manually Trackers to it. Now that's the trackers, we can do this in the same way.

This is still a Beta level site, so we can not figure out the maximum Torrent Size, the number of Torrent files that can be used at once. But when downloading, Speed can be limited to Full Speed without Limiting. And 1 Click Resume Support.

➦ Ok, go to the site here and create a account.

➦ Go to your email address and confirm the Account Confirmation Mail account.

➦ After that, we need to download the Magnet Link from the Torrent link and download it by clicking "Paste and Enter the URL link here to Download" and then clicking the Download Button. Then "Confirm" from the pop-up window.

➦ Wait a minute.

The file is now started to catch the site.

➦ You can download the Torrent Progress 100%. You can also choose to download and download the file you like, if you like, as a Zip file.

(You can also buy a Cloud Drive (such as a Google Drive, DropBox) from your PC.)

Here is my Download Speed.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to run in my Windows PC

Today I brought a little script. This is the name hulk. Let's see how this works in windows.

First download the Hulk python script.

From here -

If you want Python, download it too.

From here -

Now extract the Zip and drive it to the desired drive. (I get the E drive.)

Now open the CMD.

Then use the CD command and go to the C drive.
Type this - CD C://

Now you're done using Python 2.7, called cd python27. You have entered Python 2.4 as cd python24 and enter.

"(Drive Letter):\\ (site url)" Give this command in this way.
Eg- E:\\

That's all I have to do. Put a letter on the drive that you downloaded from the Hulk script to Drive Letter.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nametest Script v1.0 – Facebook Fun Apps Website Script | Free

Hi guys. Today, I also brought something very valuable. This is not something you can not see. But I'm just giving this to you.

I also gave a script like this before. But it's not so powerful. (There was no Admin panel in the earlier script.)

See the earlier post here.

Facebook Fun Apps Script Free Download [phpfunapps]

If you want to SEO your website or blog get this valuable SEO pdf.

Free SEO PDF book - Get it Now [Special Offer]

Let's put the features in this Script as an image.

It looks like 5mb. Tell Install if someone does not know how to make a deal. I'll tell you how.

Download from here.

You can share and download with Social Media. If possible, put a comment on it. I'll be quicker with another post like this. Good Bye.

Black Panther (2018) Full movie | Free Download

I also brought a new film today. That's the Black Panther (2018) movie. As soon as we hear the name, the story is about Black Panther. This story begins with the story of Captain America Civil War (2016). T'Chaka dies at Captain America Civil War (2016). Because Zemo's planned bomb blast. T'Chaka is the king of Wakanda. And then the Black Panther is T'Challa. That's T'Chaka's house son. So we saw T'Challa, the Black Panther.

First of all I must say Black Panther is not a super hero. He is the king of Wakanda and the protector of the comics. Black Panther is not one person. Changed from time to time, as a family inheritance. So he has the ability to fight T'Challa's intelligence, strong physical training, martial arts, advanced techniques and wealth to fight his enemies.

Several trailers have been released. But then we can see that Black Panther has a new kit. The guys know that Wakanda is sleeping in the Vibranium. The Black Panther kit was made using Vibranium. And the Captain America's shield is built in Vibranium. Trailers show both Black Panther kit. But you can imagine that Killmonger has stolen the old Black Panther kit. He has updated it as Golden Black Panther kit. Killmonger is the Black Panther (2018), which is the main enemy of the movie. Also, T'Challa has a new Black Panther kit. The Black Panther kit trailers are not seen in Comics. This story is about Klaue's character. Remember the Ultron ship of the Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) movie broke down. It's also a comic character Klaue.Man-Ape (M'Baku) in this movie.

And according to comics, the wife of T'Challa is Storm. Storm is known to be the protagonist among X-Men characters. But we do not see any incidents in this regard. Because the X-Men characters were owned by the 20th Century Fox. The right to distribute the X-Men characters was taken back to Disney, or Marvel Studio, in early December. (The Marvel Studio is under Walt Disney Studio) that means the Black Panther (2018) movie is about to be released shortly before. So the Storm debut had no space inside the Black Panther (2018) film. The movie Avengers: Infinity War (2018) has a direct link to the movie. There are rumors that there is Soul Stone in Wakanda. Let's see what happens in future.

Relies Date: February 19, 2018
Director: - Ryan Coogler
Transcript: - Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole
Characters: - Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa / Black Panther
Erik "Killmonger" Stevens as Michael B. Jordan
Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross
as Ulysses Klaue as Andy Serkis

Click on this hash code. then get from any torrent website.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Top 5 Android Photo Editing apps | Download with direct links

If you have an Android phone, it will be a great help for you to keep your photos safe. This was one of the reasons why Android became popular in Sri Lanka due to the popularity of popular digital cameras. This is one of the reasons why it's possible to go beyond a typical digital camera. Photoshop software used to change colors for something new in the past. But at least a basic knowledge is needed. But if you're using an Android smart phone, you do not have to worry about adding your stuff to your photos. We hope to present some of the best Android apps for photography.

1. Pixlr Express
Image result for Pixlr Express

Android can be known as the most popular app for photo editing in the world. There is a huge amount effects and the ability to enter letters and stickers. Within a few seconds, without any basic knowledge, you can add extra beauty to your photos through this app. This app can be downloaded free of charge from the link below.

2. Cymera

There are many services available in the camera as well as photo editing software. This app can also include settings such as settings, filters, etc. in taking a photo. Download this app from the link below.

Download Cymera App

3. Camera360 Ultimate
Image result for Camera360 Ultimate

It's easy to get through many settings, including color settings. Even the data contained in the photographs can change this.
4. snapseed
Image result for snapseed

This app will be useful for collecting old types of colors and effects. This app is a great help to increase the quality of your photos. This app can be downloaded from the link below.
5. Photo Editor by Aviary
Image result for Photo Editor by Aviary

It's the most popular and best app for the app. To add a section of the image to the section you want to capture it, you can call yourself an ideal app to add recreational add-ons. This can be downloaded from the link below.

Here are some apps that you can use without any basic knowledge for photo editing. In addition, comment below if you use useful apps.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to keep my Data package in the Internet?

Let's reduce the data.

This is not something not for everyone, but I know that it's something new for many. In fact, I only have 15kbps Speed. Look at this.

I know this is something new to many people. In fact, I only have 15kbps Speed. Look at this.

Now you understand that this is what happens with the speed. No 3G, 2G. They do not need now. So now that there's a reason for saying these things. So I'll tell you. In short, I was the same way this time.

I'm trying to say how I found the answer to my slow connection. FB, Mail, Big Sites, blogs can go all this way. So, the connection is smooth, so you can take some small things and get them.

It usually takes a bit more on Speed while surfing Facebook. Or it's always Of-line. Right after today, it does not. When you go to FB, go to this link.

It's gonna look a little different from this. Do not worry. Because we are not going from PC version, now its Mobile version.

Let's see how our mail is. This is the same way. Go through the link below. 5kbps in a speed can go faster.

Go look. First, it is not familiar, but then it becomes useful.

Large Web Sites
Now, you're trying to tell me how you're going to lose data to large-sized sites. First you need to go link in the site link in your browser tab. Now it's "m." Add a block.

Eg -

Many sites support this. Some of them do not work. It's not my fault.

All Blogs (Blogspot sites)
I read many blogs. But as you read this, Data is like 50kb for a page. First of all, you need to go to the link in the address bar of the blog. Then add the "/? M = 1" to link.

Eg -

Keep the comment below if possible.

What is the mobile phone's GPU?

It's about the GPU today. Game players know the GPU name. But many do not know what this is.

The GPU's name means "Graphics Processing Unit", which allows you to create a graphic (photos, videos, games, everything we see) in the phone, which helps us to reduce the functionality of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) We're going to greatly help with the performance of the phone.

What is GPU Rendering?

You can see Force GPU Rendering below the Developer Options. This is not about the Option, what GPU Rendering is, so you understand the Option's meaning.

GPU Rendering makes it easy to do the hard work in the GPU. This makes it easy for the user to make these settings easier for the GPU. It allows easy operation of 3D work.

Now that you know what the previously said Option is for you. Turning it into 3D animations is a great deal to the GPU.

History of the GPU?

Before the GPU was introduced, the CPU did it. Nvidia Corporation also manufactures Nvidia Geforce 256. The first GPU card comes with the same phone. That's not how it was in the WEIGHT of the 11th of October, 1999. But since 1970, various researchers for Arcade Games have developed the GPU System.

** Nvidia also produces the best GPU for computers **

The first GPU to the mobile phone is not mentioned in the right way. But the first GPU supporting Open GL 2.0 Support is the Mali 400MP GPU (some still have phones). But Power VR company is the leader in the GPU in the phone world.

What is my phone's GPU?

There are now many apps to take care of your phone's GPU, let me just say a few.

  1. Cpu Z
  2. Cpu X
  3. Droid Hardware Info
  4. Aida 64 (This can handle a bit of detail about your GPU)

All of these can be downloaded from the Playstore.

This is the best 10 GPU available. See if you have one.

1 PowerVR GT7XT Series
2 Nvidia Tegra X1
3 Apple A10 Fusion
4 Qualcomm Adreno 530
5 PowerVR GXA6850
6 Nvidia Tegra K1 Kelper
7 PowerVR GT6700 / Apple A9
8 ARM Mali - T880 MP12
9 ARM Mali - T760 MP8
10 ARM Mali - T880 MP4

So, there's nothing to worry about. That's good if you can do well.

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